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Updated: Ago 26, 2022

Ms. Serma H. Hernandez and Ms. Maria Francesca C. Fadri - Education Program Specialist II, Ms. Tricia Rem M. Abela, Ms. Amor Forte-Arnao and Mr. Louie Adversario Valles, BJMP ALS Teacher conducted ALS REVALIDA 2022 to Eighty (85) ALS Learners which comprises sixty-three(63) high school and twenty-two (22) elementary students.

The activity aims to assess the learners and to be able to identify those completers who will be able to pass the portfolio assessment.

Continuous conduct of the said program to motivate our brothers behind bars to continue their education despite of their present situation and to make their time more productive during their incarceration in preparation for their reintegration into the community.

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