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From an ALS Learner to a Professional Teacher

I am Marino L. Anib, a former learner of the Alternative Learning System in one of Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation Inc’s learning center. Coming from a poor family and raised by a single mother, I had to help (my mother) earn a living. But she died when I was in the elementary grade.

I still managed to continue my education with the help of my sister. But, the need to work to support my younger siblings became more immediate. I tried different jobs then just to survive. I finally settled as a hair stylist. One day a teacher came to our salon and invited me to enroll in ALS. Sir Charles Garcia, an ALS teacher, explained the program.

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"Nothing is Impossible for Someone Who has a Dream"

I have nine siblings and because of poverty, it was necessary to help my parents so that we could survive on daily necessities. Life is not easy in Carigara (in the province of Leyte) because there are always strong typhoons every year. Farming and fishing are the main occupations of most.


This is the reason why my parents ventured to Manila out of a desire to uplift and fulfill the dreams of my siblings. We ended up in the neighboring province of Cavite. Life has not been easy. Because I was older, I was embarrassed to go back to formal high school.

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Rowena C Udasco
Mr Anib
Marco Balanquit

I just Want to be a Driver, but ALS Helps Me to Dream More

I come from Samar, a province in the eastern part of the Philippines, notoriously known for strong typhoons (like Typhoon Yolanda and recently Typhoon Odette), that torment the people throughout the year. At an early age, I saw what poverty really means. Subsistent farming and fishing just gave something to live on for the day.​

So, I went to Manila with my uncle, a jeepney driver, to try my luck. I was 11 years old then. The normal day means helping my uncle collect passenger fares on his jeepney plying the Dasmarinas- Baclaran route. On one occasion I accompanied my uncle in Jesus the Nazarene Parish (a parish run by the SVDs) to fulfill his yearly devotion to the Black Nazarene. Beside the parish was Sagip Dunong (Literally means Save Knowledge or perhaps better Save the Mind/Person) ALS learning center.

Charis Frianeza

"Nobody Should be left behind"

I am Charis Frianeza, a 2017-2018 Alternative Learning System passer in one of Arnold Janssen’s ALS Learning center. I come from the island of Polilio in the Quezon Province. This eastern province of the Philippines is directly fronting the Pacific, the reason why poverty is like a twin to anyone born in this typhoon-ravaged province.

I was a single parent of two boys before I enrolled in ALS. I got pregnant in my teens, the reason that I did not finish my studies in High School. For lack of credentials, I could not find a decent job. Hence, in order to make both ends meet, I need to earn a living. I worked as a house-help.

ALS Passer to OFW

Niña Patigas
ALS Passer to OFW
ALS Passer to OFW

ALS Passer to OFW

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